How To Pesticides Be Banned Persuasive Essay

PESTICIDES: THE UGLY, THE BAD AND THE BEES. To pesticide or not to pesticide? The correct answer for this question is no! Pesticides should be banned because these products have harmful effects to many living things. One of the most important pollinators on the planet, bees, are an organism that is highly affected by pesticides. Pesticides contribute to many health problems in adults and children. Pesticides today contaminate our food and water, along with hurting the environment in other ways. Pesticides were created to be harmful to the organisms and the environment surrounding them. An article supplied by the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service states this about pesticides. “Pesticides are intentionally designed to be toxic to plant, animal, or microbial pests” (Whitford). The residue left from these weedkillers has had a huge impact on not just certain plants and animals, but the ecosystem as a whole. One type of pesticide, called neonics has greatly impacted a vital contributor to the continuation of the world’s ecosystem: the bee.
The article “What’s Killing Our Birds and Bees”, delves into the serious consequences neonics have on bees,
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A good reason to use pesticides would be because pesticides help control the number of pests found in crops. It is said that food production would fall by 40 percent more if pesticides were not used on crops. Crops currently lose 20-40 percent with pesticides being used. As explained by CropLife Canada in their article Why do we need pesticides? It is stated “ Weeds compete with crops for water, nutrients, sunlight and space, while insects and diseases can eat away at crops and either entirely destroy them or make them unable to grow. Pesticides are one option – and sometimes the only option – for controlling these nasty pests.”(Why do we need

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