Should Perks Be Banned? Essay

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Another concerned parent, Jean-Pierre Bolat in Wallingford, Connecticut, stated that Perks should be banned because it is a “glorification of alcohol use and drugs. I don’t believe in censorship, but believe in appropriateness.” This raises another issue: who determines what age is appropriate content for this area. Of course the parents believe that they are first and foremost indicator on what educators should teach their children. In comparison, Julia Tomiak--a mother, blogger, and young adult fiction writer, takes this novel as a starting point for her children to create a discourse between her and her children. “I’m willing to put up with the edgy content because most of the characters are compelling and real, and the book honestly addresses difficult issues. When my kids read it, we’ll have lots to discuss.” Many of the parents that have spoken in protest of the novel being taught in school because the content is deemed too mature for their children. Nevertheless, Tomiak takes this in stride, preparing to have the hard discussions with her children when the questions are asked. With these two parenting styles, Audet and Bolat versus Tomiak, it begs the question what the former wants to avoid versus what Tomiak wants to embrace. The parents that do not want their children to be exposed to “graphic detail” of the novel, are possibly trying to either avoid the taboo subject of sex and violence or they do not want to jeopardize their children’s purity with the possible…

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