Essay on Should People Skip College?

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Should people skip college to start a business? As more and more college graduates go on to become entrepreneurs, many of them wonder if the time and money they spend on their education was worth it. While some young start up founders do end up using the skills they learned in college, others feel that they could have gotten to where they are now much sooner had they dropped out or not gone at all. But the fact is most business owners will not be successful without a college degree. College graduates have more and better job opportunities, and a college degree improves a person’s lifetime salary.
A college degree improves a person’s life time salary. How much more do college graduates earn than non-college graduates? Studies and research have proven that the college Educated earn more money than those with only high school diplomas. Some research show that there is a huge impact of college degree on salary. According to Kurtzlebe, the research done in 2011 by Pew Research Center showed that the average annual net worth of households headed by 25 to 32 year olds is $3,137 for high school graduates and $5,681 for people who has a two-year degree. This means that there is more than $2,000 difference annually between people with and without a college degree. Of course, there is a huge impact. We know that salary is determined by the education level. Which means the higher your education level, the more money you will make. The people who get a college degree and work for other…

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