Should People Move in or Stay Together Before They Get Married

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Should people move in and stay together before they get married. What is the pros and cons of it? This is a common and important question. Cohabitation -- living together without the commitment of marriage -- is on the rise. And it's a good idea to examine your fears and ask questions before making this important step. Although increasing numbers of individuals report less social stigma about cohabitation, many of the people who I've counseled ask these key questions: will living together lead

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Not only would you be sharing rent, but you’d split also all living costs as well! The days of your own grocery and cable bills will be long gone, and saving up for a down payment on a house or car can seem much more attainable when you have someone to share the financial pressure. This can be especially important if you feel you’ve been spending almost all your days at his house anyway (or vice-versa) and are sick of living out of that special “drawer” he gave you last year.
* Living together can be an excellent compatibility testing tool
Cohabitating with a mate before marriage provides a sneak peek into what your life of wedded bliss will look like (or not!). You’ll both be able to observe what the other does in the privacy of his/her own home, learn about each other’s quirks, practice keeping the romance alive while juggling a busy life, and see how well you’re able to get back to compatibility when there are challenges. Cooking together, home maintenance, sharing responsibilities, managing money and sharing bathroom privileges will definitely give you the information you both need to decide whether being together forever is right for you.
* When you get into a fight with a significant other who you live with, you can't just walk away and play the "who-calls-first-to-apologize" game. You go home to the same bed, and getting a hotel room or crashing at a friend's house after every fight just isn't viable 100% of the
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