Should People Make Their Assessments Of Guilt Based On The Information Provided By The Media?

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The questions must be asked, did people make their assessments of guilt based on the information provided by the media? No one person is perfect and we all have flaws, however, when those flaws are shown by the media as a reason someone is guilty or innocent of a crime that truly short-changes our justice system and it confuses people who are charged with the responsibility of determining if the person was guilty of innocent of the crime.
The media use their own criteria to determine if they will work on a case, “a criteria that can influence, often implicitly the selection, production and prioritization of events as news. Key news values include drama and action, immediacy, violence, celebrities, and sex.” (Greer, 2007).
There has to be a way that the media can report a story without influencing people 's opinion about the case. The criminal justice system has an order that they follow from prosecution to prove the innocence or guilt of the person, to incarceration. If public opinion is part of the process, we are allowing people to be found guilty before they are able to establish a defense, and by some miracle be found to be innocent. People should consider the fact that there are guidelines that protect all, from being prosecuted for a crime they did not commit. The media does as much policing as the officers, showing how the media like police officers are looking to maintain order to expose those who don’t follow the rules. (Leishman, & Mason, 2003).
In this type of…

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