Should Parole Be An Important Functions Within The Criminal Justice System?

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Community corrections is an important function of the criminal justice system as it offers both non-custodial alternatives and post-incarceration programs such as parole to help reintegrate offenders back into the community. The concept of parole offers great debate among society as to whether it is a beneficial program to utilise. The idea that it could create unnecessary risk to citizens is often counteracted by the belief that the program could provide greater influence on offenders’ behaviour. This essay will define and describe the concept of parole in Australia, exploring the origin of parole and how it functions within the criminal justice system, whilst focusing on the Victorian correctional system. The essay will then separately discuss both the positive and negative aspects of parole to determine the justification of using parole and how it effects the factors involved. The core intention of this essay will be to demonstrate that parole within Australia is a program that should be intensively reviewed on a case by case basis to ensure it is neither over nor underutilised in the appropriate situations.

The concept of parole evolved from the ticket of leave arrangement that was in use throughout the convict era (Callinan, 2013). The ticket of leave was a written arrangement that granted the convict the ability to work and live amongst the colony until their sentence concluded or they were given pardon of their crimes. Callinan (2013) states that the term parole,…

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