Should Parents Pay Children For Good Grades? Essay

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Should Parents Pay Children for Good Grades
There has always been a culture that children get awarded by their parents when they show exemplary performance in school. Most of these awards are usually in the form of gifts while some parents also give cash handouts to their children. The uncertainty about the implications of awarding children with cash for showing great performance has brought about a debate on whether the practice is acceptable. This essay is an argumentative essay on whether parents should pay children for good grades or not. As for me I would strongly support that children should be paid for good grades by their parent to start with, parent who honor their kids with cash for getting decent grades contend that since it is the obligation of children to learn, they ought to be repaid simply like other individuals with different types of occupations. Additionally, some individuals may likewise contend that when the guardian guarantees his/her kid a money reward for good grades, the youngster will be propelled to buckle up in order to get the guaranteed reward. These individuals clarify that the logic used to persuade salesmen to offer more by giving them commission can be connected in training to enhance the grades of me I would unequivocally trust If kids are paid for higher grades, they 'll wish to attempt and do better at school. we don 't have to pay children for D 's and F 's, this can be remunerating for all time GRADES, not…

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