Essay on Should Parents Make From Genetic Engineering?

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Be that as it may, the decisions that parents make during genetic engineering can limit the autonomy of the child whom was “designed” a specific way. Even more, the pressure that can be applied onto a child can be exceedingly overwhelming. Obviously, a child is not able to control whether or not their parents alter their genes, but without genetic engineering there would be more of a potential range of genes a person could be born with. For example, children do not get to decide if they end up growing to be six foot and five-inch-tall with five foot and five-inch-tall parents or a natural inclination for music reading or intelligence. As a result, these children lost their right to choose and had their lives planned out for them before they even were able to make decisions or think for themselves. There is no guarantee that evaluating the autonomy of the child and the parents control over their child’s autonomy will be able to resolve this controversy because there is no way to change the autonomy that a child possesses, especially as an embryo.
This controversy also invokes the idea of utilitarianism or trying to think of the absolute best answer that is often more complex than it may seem. When considering ethics, we must evaluate the difference between what we can do and what we should do. There is no clear cut, definite solution when considering whether or not parents should be able to alter the genome of their children and in which ways altering is considered ethical.…

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