Should Parents Be Deported Research Paper

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instance applying for college scholarships. When applying you have to put your parents and their yearly income but how can you if your parent isn't a legal US citizen. Once again the questions stands should Anchor babies parents be able to stay in this country and call it home even if they are not legal citizens.
Most immigrants that come here work more than 40 hours a week to get by and take care of their families. There are many success stories with illegal immigrants coming here and becoming very prominent people in America, for instance Donald Trump’s grandparents. However, that was decades ago currently even legal citizens can even receive government assistance sometimes .When your parent is an illegal citizen they can be deported at any given time. There have been many stories of children coming home to an empty house because their parents have been deported in the middle of the day. When you do not have parents, how can you survive? Even in ordinary cases where their parents aren't deported, they still can’t list them as an legal guardian because technically they aren't legal. I
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Those same lawmakers are the ones rallying for pro-life and against abortion. Those lawmakers will deport mothers with children who are rightful citizens because they are "Rats who will multiply". It’s almost as if the sympathy only applies to the unborn fetus and not the mother and most of the time not even that very fetus. They would rather deport mothers and leave children motherless rather than have the "rats multiply". Patronizing illegal immigrants who actually want to become hardworking, society contributing, citizens. Why should they be deported?, Why should they be snatched like animals from their children in the middle of the day?,. They should be allowed to stay as long as they go through the process to become an actual American

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