Should Parents Be Allowed to Spank Their Children Essay

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Should Parents Be Allowed To Spank Their Children?
The inhuman act of corporal punishment at home that is discouraged globally by a number of pressure groups and social welfare organizations should be completely banned, and parents should be allowed to spank their children. Physical violence practiced on children also known as corporal punishment has been discouraged globally by a number of pressure groups and social organizations for a number of reasons with serious consequences for violators. In this paper, I will examine the arguments for and the arguments against corporal punishment explaining why I support my thesis.
Firstly, Corporal punishment and violence at homes lower a child’s self esteem. Physical violence practiced on a
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There are also some arguments that support corporal punishment, despite it being an impractical and inhuman act.
Firstly, Corporal punishment is said to be deterrent as it as an effective method of punishment. For some children, and in some cases corporal punishment may be the only way to resolve an issue pertaining to the child. An example of such a case is drug usage, or a child defying his or her parents to such an extent that parents may have to eventually at the end only resort to physically assaulting their child. However, at the same time studies have also failed to demonstrate a correlation between corporal punishments, abuse and its effectiveness and thus the question arises whether corporal punishment is a degrading form of punishment. Also, children also tend to retaliate towards their parents in anger, and may take a spanking or a beating in the completely opposite way it is intended with. Hence, the idea of using corporal punishment as an effective method of disciplining performs the complete opposite action of what it was actually intended to do.
Another argument that supports corporal punishment is the fact that it is a cost effective and a quick method to discipline a child. Practically, this method can be compared to alternative methods such as counseling, having a conversation, and grounding that are also

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