Essay on Should Parents Be A Good For Children?

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“Nowadays, most of the students are forced to opt a career according to the choice of their parents” (Education). The idea that parents are always right, and children must listen to their parents because parents know what it is good or bad for their children. It is an obsolete idea that needs to change. Parents who always love their children with all their heart and hope everything good happen to them. Therefore, they give everything that is good for children, and they want to protect them as much as they can. “reported that approximately 90% of the parents in their sample wanted their children to attend a university” (Ryan). They care so much about their future, so they want to choose and decide the career for them. They want their children to study in a good school; thus, children can find a good job after they graduate. Parents don’t care about the children’s feeling, or what children really want to become. Parents compel children to study this major because it will be easy to find a job and make a lot money, so other people will respect them. Parents will be proud of their children with their friends and other people when their children are successful in their career. However, sometimes loving and caring too much will make children hate their own parents just because parents get involved too much in their own lives. Everything has changed, and parents no longer involve themselves in deciding career for their children anymore. Children should be the only one who can…

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