Should Our Democracy Ban The Smoking Of Tobacco? Essay

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Should our democracy ban the smoking of tobacco?

In the early 1600’s John Rolfe began to experiment with the tobacco plant native to America, and then only several years later John Rolfe created what he and many others called the ‘bewitching weed’ and what the modern world knows as tobacco. Rolfe’s new tobacco had a sweeter smell and taste than native tobacco, his tobacco also saved the Virginian economy which until that point had been in depression. From this point in history until the Surgeon General Report on January 11, 1964 tobacco was natural and almost innate part of American society, culture, and economy; up until 1964 it was even thought of as healthy. In modern day America it is well known that tobacco is detrimental to health, which can impose substantial costs on American society.

Perhaps the most obvious cost caused by the smoking of tobacco is the health care cost incurred by the people who smoke tobacco. In the short-run people who smoke tobacco have much higher health care costs than people who do not smoke tobacco, but in the long-run people who smoke tobacco have lower health care costs than people who do not smoke tobacco due to their shortened life expectancy. However using this point to justify the smoking of tobacco is equivalent to considering a bullet to the head as an effective means for reducing the health care costs caused by the flu. “Statistical analyses suggest that smokers die two to four years sooner than non-smokers. Smoking is…

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