Should Organizations Promote Positive Organizational Culture?

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Bryanna Loss


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Should organizations aim to have a positive organizational culture? Cultures vary between different organizations so the answer to this question will also vary. There are reasons that support why organizations should seek making a positive work environment for its employees. On the contrary, there is also research that shows why positive organizational culture is not a priority to some organizations.

Organizations Should do all They can to Establish Positive Organizational Culture

Positive organizational culture can increase productivity in the workplace, which in turn benefits the company in the long run. According to this study in the case of nurses in an organization, leadership plays a major role, affecting patients, nurses and other staff as well as outcomes of the organization. “Positive and supportive leadership styles can lower patient mortality, improve nurse’s health, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, emotional exhaustion, and intent to stay in their position,” (Laschinger, H.K.S., Wong, C.A., Cummings, G.G., & Grau, A.L. 2016). I agree with this statement that was included in the study in this article because when an organization’s employees work in a positive environment, it makes them motivated to want to work more. If the environment in which they work always has a negative atmosphere, this would cause employees to be less productive, have an increase in absenteeism and possibly a…

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