Should Online Security Be Reinforce Cyber Hackers? Essay

1274 Words Feb 16th, 2015 null Page
In today’s society internet usage has become an everyday household activity for entertainment, and business. Schools nationwide have also utilized modern day technology for educational purposes and has brought a whole new spectrum to the teaching. This has also connected us globally and has allowed us to stay in contact with distant friends and family members as well as giving us the opportunities to meet people from around the world. All this has been accomplished through the start of the internet back in 1969 when it was first designed for research, education, and government organizations. Now the internet can be used for social networking, video/music streaming, web browsing, shopping, bills, email, etc. This massive compilation of data by big internet based companies has become a data gold mine for hackers. This is why online security should be reinforce to counter hackers and keep the privacy of the social media users safe because the hackers could use the personal information stolen for evil-minded intentions from maxing out credit cards to public embarrassment. Joe Milton made a comment on social media he said, “When the photos are freely available, the unauthorized users can easily access the photos of others and download it. Once the photo is downloaded, that image can be misused widely such as creation of fake profile and the photo can be sold to other nuisance websites. This kind of data hacking activities in online social networks even leads the life to death.”…

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