Should Oil Drilling Be Allowed Off The Coast Of North Carolina?

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Should oil drilling be allowed off the coast of North Carolina? This question has sparked mass controversy not only in North Carolina but around the world. With population growth at an all-time high and demand for natural resources increasing rapidly, the race to energy security for our nation has escalated. In 2015, the Obama administration, declared the consideration of allowing offshore oil drilling off the coasts of Georgia, Virginia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. The U.S Department of the Interior drafted a 5-year plan making oil and gas leasing available on the southeast coast. What is offshore drilling exactly? Offshore oil drilling is an automated process which oil companies use to locate under water oil reserves and extract oil or natural gases by drilling into deposits in the seabed. I will analysis some of the pro and cons of this hot topic, and shed some light on this controversial question that may shape the future of our state.

Pros of offshore oil drilling off the coast of North Carolina
• Offshore drilling will decrease our dependency on foreign energy, that places our nation economically and politically at risk. Broadening offshore energy production may be a noteworthy move to the energy markets that we our one of the world’s leaders in developing energy resources, which may help lead to a decrease in energy prices. “More total energy will be needed both in the United States and globally. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasts…

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