Essay on Should Obese People Be Considered Disabled?

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Should obese people be considered disabled?

Obesity creates many arguments as to whether it is a real handicap or not. Many argue that you become obese because of your actions and you should not be able to do things such as skipping lines because you made bad choices. In some cases that’s correct, but not all people can control it. Many obese patients have suffered from past trauma, or other negative events that triggered their addiction. Also, many individuals with obesity grew up being overweight, they grew up never knowing how much or how little to eat. Although obesity itself may not be the actual disability, it causes severe conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, as well as bone and joint disease. To begin, past trauma or negative events can play a big part in eating habits. When an individual encounters a traumatic event such as a death, illness, or an accident it is very common that the victims turn to eating as a coping mechanism. Food would be used as a way to feel full and fill the empty feeling caused by the trauma. The craving when “emotional eating” is sudden and overwhelming. As time passed if food cannot be reached the individual can become uneasy and stressed. Jeanne Segal, an author with a ph.d in sociology, explains the difference between physical eating vs emotional eating. “When you’re physically hungry, almost anything sounds good—including healthy stuff like vegetables. But emotional hunger craves fatty foods or sugary snacks” (Segal). She…

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