Should Nurses Practitioners Be Trusted With My Health? Essay

783 Words Nov 29th, 2015 4 Pages
That first moment when the doctor is walking in, but then we realize they are not a doctor. They introduce themselves as a Nurse Practitioner and this catches us off guard. Why am I not seeing an actual doctor? Is this nurse qualified enough to be trusted with my health? At first we are annoyed with this fact but we are there for reason so let us get on with it. We talk to them, express our concerns and they listen. We slowly start to realize they are truly listening to our concerns and working with us to find an answer to our problems. They involve us in the decision making process and see how we actually feel about what they are suggesting. At the end of it all, we come out feeling a lot better, not just because they helped us, but because they actually listened to us. Nurse practitioners are different then a physician, but in a good way. As we are getting us to being under their care, we grow more towards wanting them instead of an “actual doctor”. Nurse Practitioners are being favored as our primary care providers due to the way they tend to show empathy and their more personal approach. When it comes to the becoming a Nurse Practitioner, there are many different steps to go through when it comes to their schooling. First off, when one is deciding to pursue the field of nursing, basic general credits must be obtained first. This is considered the “weeding out” process to who can handle the rigorous process of such a program as in nursing school. One must pass all the…

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