Essay on Should Not Be More Laws About Gun Control?

1142 Words May 23rd, 2016 null Page
Laws, taxes, and bans on guns or ammunition are called gun control and the need for more or less of these regulations are a heated topic in politics today. Everyone is asking if more laws about guns will benefit our country, well the answer is no. There should not be more laws about gun control because more legislation will open a window to take away all of our rights, make our personal lives more dangerous, and reduce the country’s national security. Marshall Lewin said
The so-called safe Act, which banned semi-automatic so-called “assault rifles” and magazines with capacities higher than 10 rounds. If you already owned one of the guns that was banned, you could keep it—but you had to register it. Was that “enough” for the New York gun grabbers? Not by a long shot. Now New York lawmakers are pushing “safe storage” mandates forcing you to lock your guns away in your home, making them useless for self-defense; ridiculous limits on how much ammunition you can buy; a requirement that gun owners buy $250,000 worth of liability insurance or give up their guns—the list goes on and on. It’s never enough.
If politicians can slowly remove the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, without people realizing it, they can take away all of our rights, like freedom of speech, religion and the press, in the same fashion. Gun sellers have to record a video of every person buying a gun or ammunition, their storage areas, and parking lot and then keeping the footage for a minimum of five years.…

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