Essay Should Not Be Illegal? A Country?

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1. How is it possible to have a consensus about what should or should not be illegal in a country with several hundred million adults from all races, religions, and walks of life?
The possibility to have a consensus model to represent all the groups in the country may not be by whoever has the most power, but should be by what the majority of the people believe in. The current system in the United States is based off of what the lawmakers have deemed right and wrong (p. 6). Instead, there should be some type of voting, among every citizen, in which what laws should remain and what laws may be created. The results of the votes would then be a better accurate version of what is already in place.
2. What would be some of the drawbacks of having the victims of a crime, rather than the state (through its public officials), prosecute criminals?
The system in place now has it so everyone should be able to have a fair trial (p. 8). This system protects the criminal from being sentenced by the person’s emotions. Having the victim prosecute the criminal would make it unfair for the criminal to get a fair trial (p. 8). In most cases, the criminal would be given the worst punishment the victim would seek out. Another reason would be so if anyone wronged someone, they may have to face prison or death because the victim could picked the punishment (p. 8).
3. Several years ago, lawmakers in Arkansas and New York considered passing laws against “Distracted walkers” or pedestrians who…

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