Should Not Be Drug Testing Welfare Users? Essay examples

1670 Words Apr 3rd, 2016 null Page
I have lived my life with a drug abusing aunt that hasn 't had a job since I can remember. That always had me wondering how could she survive without a job. Now that I 've gotten older and had more understanding on the situation I can say my aunt abuses Welfare. Now knowing that it kind of bugs me that people out there can get away with using public assistance to live off and never lift a finger when the normal person wakes up every morning to earn their money. After some research and discussions with my father I believe that people applying for government assistance “ Welfare” should be screened or drug tested.

Liberal believe that we should not be drug testing welfare users. They feel like drug testing for welfare will lead to a slippery slope. They believe that it 's the people 's choice to do whatever they want with their public assistance. But they do understand that people abuse it and would like to ease people away from abusing it. But stay away from drug testing to save money. If they start drug testing it will cost them more money and have to create more jobs. They will need more money for the equipment and the people that will have to be hired to perform all the tests. So Liberals say no to drug testing and keep it the way they it is.

Radical say no to drug testing welfare. Don 't touch it. If anything bring it back a couple years when there were less restrictions. People can buy whatever they want. Instead of giving them food stamps or bridge cards just give…

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