Essay Should Nfl Players Be Paid Too Much?

1045 Words May 12th, 2016 5 Pages
There is an ongoing question of whether or not the athletes in the NFL are paid too much or if they deserve what they are paid. If you ask me, the answer is perfectly obvious. NFL player are grossly overpaid for doing a job with zero productivity other than entertainment and the money being spent on them should be put to use for much better causes. There are many people who think that, because they work really hard, NFL players deserve the surplus of money that they are currently paid. This is false though because even though they work incredibly hard, if it doesn’t accomplish anything there is no productivity to deserve the pay. What an NFL player does is simply not productive enough to warrant their ample salary size. When asking the general public what they think about the NFL payroll they gave responses both for and against the current pay, one of the cons arguments is as follows “We live in an illogical epoch when value can no longer be quantified by true worth” (“Are Football Players Overpaid”). The NFL players entertain the entire country, there is no denying that. However, pure entertainment is not useful enough to society for them to be paid so much more than the people who actually are benefiting society. The lowest paid athlete in the NFL makes about $435,000 annually, and his job isn’t important enough to the advancement and well being of our country to make up for that paycheck (Gerencer). The highest paid NFL player is Joe Flacco, who makes an annual salary of…

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