Should Netflix Be Legal? Essay

1523 Words Nov 29th, 2016 7 Pages
We have all reached a point in our lives where we decided to watch T.V and take a break from Netflix. The reason we favor Netflix is to avoid all the annoying and pointless commercials on T.V, but some of these commercials stick out from the rest and appeal to the viewer. Certain angles, music, or appeals can attract the viewer or make the viewer feel a certain way. However, some commercials include stereotypes. Some of these stereotypes escape the viewer unless they were to re-watch the commercial again. A stereotype that is common in commercials is the “thug” stereotype. The “thug” stereotype can be applied to black people that appear to be criminals by how they look, what they wear, or even the music they listen to. As we start to notice these stereotypes being used, commercial producers try to include black actors that go against the “thug” stereotype. Instead, they present the educated black person in a more positive environment that gets their overall point across instead of portraying them as “thugs”. In the first ad promoting mountain dew, it is obvious that the producer is promoting and pushing towards the “thug” stereotype. However, in the second ad that promotes American Family Insurance, the producer goes against the thug stereotype describing a situation between an African American father and his son. It is evident that many commercials portray the “thug” stereotype, but there are also commercials that go against that specific stereotype. To prove this, I will…

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