Should Muslims Gain Civil Rights? Essay

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Should Muslims gain Civil Rights in America? Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "One aspect of the civil rights struggle that receives little attention is the contribution it makes to the whole society" (King Jr. 142). This quote receives little to no attention whatsoever. By giving people, no matter what race or religion, civil rights, it makes the whole society united. In the 1990s, Muslims began to involve themselves politically and legally into the American society. This was particularly to pursue the violations of their civil rights (Hacking 917). They had civil rights before the 9/11 attack, but after that attack, their rights were questioned. Similar to MLK 's arguments for the negroes, Muslims have fought for their civil rights through many hardships, such as deportation and imprisonment. It is understanding as to why the Muslims’ rights were questioned post 9/11. Americans fear more violence and terrorist attacks. Regardless that hatred towards muslims after 9/11 caused more people to revolt and fight for their rights (Bayoumi, 14). After 9/11, many Muslims were still randomly investigated by the law enforcement. If they are not being investigated, they are being monitored or watched over by the law enforcement. Many Muslims would get a lot of hatred even if they they may not be the direct people to cause violence (Pena, 389). An incident happened where in South Carolina, someone repetitively said “Muslims are no good. They should be killed.” and he also…

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