Should Minimum Wage Be Increased? Essay

1050 Words Feb 24th, 2016 5 Pages
Should the minimum wage be increased? Recently in the news, multiple people have been arguing if the minimum wage should be increased and the repercussions in raising the minimum wage. A few of the reasons we have a minimum wage is to protect workers from being given an unfair amount of money for the work they do and to protect them from poverty. Throughout the years, the minimum wage increased numerous times. The minimum wage was increased to help keep up with inflation in the past. Some economists argue that when the government raised the minimum wage, the minimum wage increase had negative effects on the economy. Others argued differently by telling people that more people accessing jobs rather than losing their job. Raising the minimum wage can lead to finding jobs harder for people, people can be discharged from their jobs when employers cannot afford to keep them and the unemployment rate will increase for people without a higher education after high school. When the minimum wage increases, employers may be reluctant in hiring more people since the new employees will be making more money, and employers will be loosing money. Some employers will be obliged to cut hours, so people can still have a job. This will cause people to collect less money than they already do. Some employers will cut an eight-hour workday into a six-hour workday and the employees would have more job duties than they already do. Robots will replace people who have mundane jobs that require…

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