Essay on Should Mental Illness Be Athletes?

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Mental Illness in Athletes Student Athletes are easily identifiable on college campuses. They are clothed in expensive athletic gear with their school’s logo and sponsor plastered on it, their headshots may appear in game day ads, and some exude confidence while walking through campus. On the other hand, some student athletes may be among the most insecure students on campus. Often times insecurities and stresses lead to mental illnesses, which can go unnoticed and that can lead to serious consequences. The media has highlighted suicide, due to mental illness, in college athletes such as Ohio State football player Kosta Karageorge and Pennsylvania runner Madison Holleran, but there have been hundreds of incidents. In a study done of Division l, ll, and lll schools there were four- hundred and seventy-seven deaths of student athletes in a period of nine years and 7.3% were due to suicide (Flanagan). There are various causes of mental illnesses in college athletes including stress, envy, injury, perfectionism, and pressure, but if help is available and athletes are better educated about mental well-being then they will lead better lives. Depression or anxiety can be caused by genetic factors, but negative external environmental factors and how college athletes cope with them influence mental illness tendencies more (Brown, 33). Negative external factors may include poor grades, poor athletic performances, or criticism. No athlete is expecting to perform poorly or experience…

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