Should Medical Treatment Be Free? Essay

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Millions of people in Nepal die or become permanently disabled every year due to the lack of medical treatment. They cannot pay for costly health services or travel to and live in the cities where they are available. The accident of birth should not determine who obtains medical treatment and who does not. Medical treatment should be free at the point of deliver to every Nepali citizen.

I am saying this from my heart. I have been recently discharged from a hospital in London after an open-heart surgery. My son, a medical doctor, who has come here for my procedure, tells me that the procedure would have cost us between 15-50 lakh rupees in Nepal. I would have been reluctant to undergo the mitral valve operation if I feared that it would ruin my family financially. Fortunately, the health service is free in the United Kingdom at the point of delivery.

However, the majority of Nepalis are not as fortunate. They cannot afford and they do not have access to free care. The per capita income in Nepal is less than 700 US dollars, or 70,000 rupees, which is the average of plutocrats and paupers. The overwhelming majority have an income well below that level, which would be hardly enough for a few simple medical tests or a week’s hospital stay in Nepal.

Only a small minority can afford expensive cure in Nepal or abroad. A medical complication kills the poor Nepalis and financially ruins middle class families. I know dozens of families from our village that have lost their…

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