Essay on Should Medical Marijuana Be Legal?

1297 Words May 8th, 2015 6 Pages
Do you know that Medical Marijuana does not always help with problems? There are many reasons why we should not legalize because of all the risks it has when you smoke it and there’s not many reasons why people should smoke it for some medical reasons. There are some medical reasons that people smoke marijuana but not many. When states legalized medical marijuana there has been troubles with people that are smoking marijuana. The Federal government should not legalize medical marijuana because of all the dangers that medical marijuana can cause. Medical marijuana has caused a lot of fatal car accidents (Radley Balk, 2014). Every car accident that has happened had marijuana in the states that people can get the drug. With people smoking medical marijuana can get people into harder drugs.
When states legalized medical marijuana they have noticed that the increase of numbers of drivers are testing positive for drugs. Like when in Colorado a driver that was high on marijuana slammed into a couple of police cars that were parked ( Radley Balk, 2014). That makes them look like they are not responsible enough to smoke marijuana and drive around. People do not need to have families dying because of people driving high. Since then if people have marijuana in their system they are guilty of a DWI, which goes for people that used it for medical reasons too. (Radley Balk, 2014) It’s the best thing that they did that so they can get legalized marijuana. The Federal government needs to…

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