Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

847 Words Dec 15th, 2016 4 Pages
Fighting Marijuana
One the most controversial issues of 2016, the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana also known as weed. Current president Barrack Obama himself in an interview with the Rolling Stones expressed his views on Marijuana. He believes that marijuana should be legalized and taxed the way alcohol and tobacco are. Is this really a good idea? Yes, this would create more jobs and lower the unemployment rate, but not for long if America becomes a country full of potheads. Weed can be a dangerous drug mainly because it is known for being an open gate drug, it can cause someone to use other high risk drugs. It has been proven that smoking weed can also make a person less intelligent. Most importantly its just wrong to do drugs.
Furthermore, the recreational use of marijuana should not be legalized in America. It is proven that when drugs are more widely available there is a greater chance of addiction. William J. Bennett indicate this by stating that “in 1975 Italy liberalized its drug law and now has one of the highest heroin- related death rates in western Europe” (pg.283). As many people know Marijuana is known to be a gateway drug that can lead to using stronger drugs like Cocaine and heroin. Having this in mind would you be comfortable knowing someone close to you has died because of a drug addiction? Right now heroin addiction is a big problem, Lizmarie Maldonado from M.s public health states that “in America 900,000 people from ages 12 and older…

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