Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

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Drugged Society Flashback to 1970. Imagine flared pants, silky tops, and afros accompanied with the faint smoke of marijuana. Fast forward to 2015: short skirts, high heels, and frat boys smoking a joint. The popular opinion of drugs today has been that they have progressively gotten worse, when in reality there has not been a considerable change at all. The amount of drug use and abuse has fluctuated between the 1960s and current years, yet stayed consistent as they have always been a part of our society. Marijuana has been compelling for decades, heroin remains in the ghettos, and new drugs are continually popping up. The 1960s was the time for marijuana using hippies and ghettos full of heroin (Robinson, “‘60s”). Each social group was, and still is, connected to a drug, whether everyone within the label consumes it or not. Hippies took credit for tinkering with various medications and experimenting with the effects of them before unleashing them unto the world (Askew). They were the drug trendsetters, leading the way for all the new means on how to get high. These revolutionaries astonished society.
People living in the ‘60s were amazed by drugs, and ‘evil’ was the last thing that came to mind when describing the pharmaceuticals. When the hippies would unveil the next unique drug, the public saw it as a “wonder of modern technology” (Askew). People believed many diseases could be cured by prescribing a certain drug. Our society was unaware of all the dangers drug use…

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