Essay on Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

1190 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
Marijuana has been an illegal substance in the United States until the last few years. More states are legalizing it for both recreational and medical purposes. In Kentucky, “Democratic House Speaker Greg Stumbo said he will file a bill that would make it legal for people to smoke marijuana in Kentucky for medical purposes.” This was said by WYMT in early January this year. Now twenty-three states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for either recreational use, medical use, or both. Kentucky still lacks this privilege with states such as Tennessee, Virginia, and Indiana. “Four states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for recreational use. In Alaska, adults 21 and older can now transport, buy or possess up to an ounce of marijuana and six plants. Oregon voters approved a similar measure allowing adults to posses up to an ounce of marijuana in public and 8 ounces in their homes, set to take effect July 1. Colorado and Washington previously passed similar ballot measures legalizing marijuana in 2012.
A number of states have also decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana. Most recently, Delaware passed legislation that decriminalizes the private use of up to an ounce of marijuana, replacing penalties with a civil fine.
Other states have passed medical marijuana laws allowing for limited use of cannabis. Some medical marijuana laws are broader than others, with types of medical conditions that allow for treatment varying…

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