Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

1392 Words Nov 10th, 2016 6 Pages
Voting Yes on Proposition 64 implements the legal use of Marijuana throughout the state of California. Particularly, this has always been a controversial subject among politics, media and society. Marijuana is famously known for the various diseases and illnesses it can treat. Proposition 64 allows adults 21 and over to use, buy, regulate, and produce recreational Marijuana. Marijuana in California is currently legal for medical use, but not for recreation, yet. Why you may ask? People are concerned about public safety, and its influence on the youth. Marijuana has a common misconception that it is a dangerous and brain cell killing drug, however this drug is used to treat extremely detrimental diseases like cancer, epilepsy, arthritis and the list goes on. Once Marijuana is legal it would be heavily taxed and its revenue estimated about 3 billion dollars will be used to fund education, research and treatment. Overall, it is important to adopt this legalization because it will have a nationwide affect and move the country to full legalization.
Proposition 64 needs to be adopted because the war on drugs and the prohibition of Marijuana has continued to be unsuccessful. Marijuana can be easily obtained and it is available almost everywhere throughout California. This implementation will also protect children at the same time due to the safety precautions that will be established. These precautions are as follows: the usage of marijuana will not be allowed public, and it must…

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