Essay Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

1285 Words Apr 22nd, 2016 null Page
Cannabis has been used as medicine throughout the world. It is an effective treatment for those who suffer chronic and debilitating disorders. Opponents of medical cannabis legalization argue that it lacks approval from the FDA because it is too dangerous to use, and that the number of available legal drugs out in the market make marijuana usage unneeded. Opponents of cannabis usage also contend it can be addictive and may function as a gateway to more intense opiates. Although medical cannabis usage is illegal on the federal level, medicinal marijuana should be legalized because there is substantial evidence which suggests marijuana has many medical benefits and marijuana has already been in use around the world for thousands of years.
Using marijuana has become an effective treatment for people who suffer from ailments such as: AIDS, arthritis, cancer, epilepsy, analgesia (pain), and gastrointestinal disorders. Harvard Medical School professor of Psychiatry and avid supporter of medicinal cannabis use, Lester Grinspoon, MD writes in an editorial for The Boston Globe which symptoms/conditions marijuana provides relief for: The mountain of accumulated anecdotal evidence that pointed the way to the present and other clinical studies also strongly suggests there are a number of other devastating disorders and symptoms for which marijuana has been used for centuries… Marijuana is effective at relieving nausea and vomiting, spasticity, appetite loss, certain types of pain, and…

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