Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

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Marijuana is grown and used all over the world. Even though it is prohibited in most of the United States, use has been prevalent for decades. In 1996, 32% of people had admitted to trying marijuana at least once (Joy 137). Many states allow medical use of the drug and two states have recently legalized recreational use. So why is it illegal in the rest of the country? There are numerous statistics to back up the benefits of legalization and the idea continues to gain popularity. Marijuana should be legalized throughout the United States based on the benefits that it presents.
One of the main reasons to legalize marijuana is for its medical purposes. Marijuana has proven medical benefits for a wide range of diagnoses, from very serious to common occurrences. Those who suffer from insomnia and irregular sleep patterns can use marijuana to induce sleepiness. It can be used to treat multiple types of pain. These can range from acute pain caused by cramps and headaches, to more chronic pain associated with osteoarthritis and cancer therapy. Some side effects of marijuana use are even beneficial. For example, use can stimulate appetite which is often used to treat chemotherapy, AIDS, and eating disorder patients. Severe nausea often occurs with these problems. An increase in appetite can help patients regain weight and reestablish regular eating patterns, leading to a prolonged life in some cases (Barbour 143-146). Other medical uses for marijuana include decreasing ocular…

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