Essay about Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

1156 Words Jul 31st, 2015 null Page
Should marijuana be decriminalized? Marijuana is not a harmless drug. Just like tobacco, marijuana can be damaging to the lungs. Yes, it can be beneficial in the case of a serious medical condition; however, decriminalizing cannabis allows anyone to exploit it for recreational purposes, including our susceptible youth. Having marijuana available to our youth may make them open to experience harder drugs (Sambrouck). I believe that having cannabis legally available for those with medical conditions is beneficial to our society. Nonetheless, if we are going to consider legalizing marijuana for uses other than medicinal purposes, we need to look at all the repercussions: drugged driving, our youth using it for recreation, and those who will use it to fuel an addiction. Whether or not to legalize marijuana has been an ongoing debate for years. If marijuana was to gain legal status, it would mean that people would not suffer from legal consequences when in possession. Legalizing marijuana will increase over exposure which is linked to serious health hazards. Cannabis plants are covered with a range of fungal spores that can cause increased risk for respiratory illness (Administration) Because marijuana has been a part of our culture for so long, it is viewed as a harmless plant. Although we do not know when humanity and cannabis met, we do know that it was inevitable. For centuries our ancestors have been using marijuana to heal those with illnesses. Statistics show that…

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