Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay example

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Thanks to Lee001 for the opportunity to debate this topic. I am opposed to the resolution that “The U.S. Government should legalize recreational marijuana.” Before I present my case I think it important to make an observation.


We are arguing if something should or should not be legal. It is important to note what it is we are not arguing. For example, we are not arguing what punishments are or are not justified. Likewise, we are not arguing about overcrowded prisons, or mandatory minimums, these are not relevant topics to the resolution. Many who argue about marijuana often argue that it should be decriminalized. Again, while an interesting and important topic it is not directly related to this debate. For example, It is feasible to argue, as many do, that something should be illegal and decriminalized, or to argue for less stringent punishments for violations. Now that we have covered what is not being debated, we can get to the core issue. This debate rests solely on the question of if Marijuana should be legalized.

I will present my argument in two parts. The first being that the U.S. Government ought to protect citizens from Marijuana, and the second, that the Government protects citizens through the rule of law. By arguing such it will become clear that the U.S. Government should not legalize recreational marijuana.

Argument Part 1: The Government ought to protect citizens from Marijuana.

My case here is quite simple (P = Premise, C = Conclusion)…

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