Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

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The American Medical Association 's policy-making body voted Tuesday to reaffirm its opposition to marijuana legalization, but also called the current federal approach to reducing the drug 's use "ineffective" and endorsed a review of the "risks and benefits" of new legal markets in Colorado and Washington. First, medical information will be introduced about the good use of marijuana. Second, is how marijuana is used to treat cancer. Third, is how marijuana is used for glaucoma. Fourth is how marijuana is used for anxiety. Last, is how it is used to help out with muscle spasms. Medical Marijuana is to help treat cancer, glaucoma, anxiety, and muscle spasms.
My first argument is how Medical Marijuana is used to treat cancer.Various little investigations of smoked cannabis found that it can be useful in treating sickness and spewing from malignancy chemotherapy. A couple studies have found that breathed in (smoked or vaporized) cannabis can be useful treatment of neuropathic torment (agony brought on by harmed nerves). My reference for this and it was last revised March 4, 2015. Smoked maryjane has likewise enhanced nourishment consumption in HIV patients in studies. There are no studies in individuals of the impacts of maryjane oil or hemp oil. Studies have long demonstrated that individuals who took maryjane removes in clinical trials tended to require less agony drug. All the more as of late, researchers reported that THC and different cannabinoids, for example,…

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