Essay on Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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To many people marijuana is considered to have medicinal benefits while others believe it’s a gateway drug. Some consider it to have a “high potential for abuse which may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence” ("Resources - Controlled Substance Schedules", 2016). That may not be the case as marijuana possession was criminalized in the Confidential Restricted List in 1923 under the Narcotics Drug Act Amendment Bill only because some “business people and clergy” were upset by the opium trade in British Columbia” (O 'Grady, 2014). The legalization and criminalization of marijuana will be discussed and arguments will be made for its legalization by referencing peer-reviewed medical and media articles, books, journals, and court records. Finally, this essay will argue that marijuana should be legalized because it has medical benefits, brings in increased revenue for the government, and that it’s not as dangerous as alcohol.

Pros for Marijuana Legalisation:

The pros for the legalization of marijuana are that its use may not increase over time, it has medical benefits, it brings in increased revenue for the government, it’s not as dangerous as alcohol, and it will free up prison space as many prisoners will be released after legalization. One note to make clear is that the criminalization of marijuana “proposed by the social-reaction perspective” (O 'Grady, 2014) isn’t shared by other Canadians. Since our government represents our wishes, they must address…

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