Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

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Change is not Always for the Best
Many states in the past several years have begun to legalize medicinal, and even recreational, marijuana. These events have caused a lot of controversy among the states, and the public in general. The debate on the drug’s legalization is becoming more and more popular in today’s conversations, news articles, and publications. One author, Ethan A. Nadelman, wrote an article for the National Review magazine on this topic. In his article, Nadelman is trying to convince the reader that it is time to legalize marijuana, both medicinal and recreational. Although much of his article is debatable, Nadelman does have a few points that are agreeable. For example, he believes that it would be beneficial to decriminalize marijuana. “Seventy-two percent say that for simple marijuana possession, people should not be incarcerated, but fined” (Nadelman, par. 1). Not incarcerating marijuana users would save heaps of money for the United States in prison costs, and would allow law enforcers to focus on more pressing matters. Marijuana should not be legalized however, because it would result in more cases of drug abuse, easier access of the drug to young individuals, and more cases of lung cancer and other health concerns in the future.
In the United States, there are over $700 billion dollars per year in costs “related to crime, lost work productivity, and health care” for the abuses of alcohol, tobacco, and other illicit drugs. (“Trends & Statistic”). The…

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