Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essays

1321 Words Oct 26th, 2015 6 Pages
Humans have utilized cannabis since 2700 B.C. Over the last few decades, marijuana has been used for textiles, medicine, and recreational use. Society tends to correlate marijuana with lazy, unproductive, and food munching individuals suffering from a drug addiction, but the public opinion has changed in recent years. This shift in opinion is due to the fact that scientific research has disproven many of the myths created by reefer madness in the 1960s. The legal use of marijuana recreationally and medically has been a subject of controversy since its prohibition in the US. Although some states have legalized the recreational usage, marijuana is still illegal on a federal level. The marijuana prohibitionist argue that legalization can lead to disastrous outcomes, but the legalization supporters say that the benefits can greatly outweigh the negative side effects. Although many people disagree with the nationwide legalization of marijuana, the effects of legalization would be beneficial. The viewpoints of various sources in the media can be used to explore the issue of how the legalization of marijuana would affect the economy, crime, and public health in today’s society. To start off, the legalization of marijuana has many benefits that can contribute towards the health of the economy. Douglas McVay, an activist on the drug policy reform and writer of ‘Marijuana Legalization: The Time Is Now’, suggest that the United States would profit tremendously if it were to take…

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