Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

1492 Words Nov 20th, 2015 6 Pages
The world dictionary describes the word hobby as "An activity done regularly in one 's leisure time for pleasure." To some a hobby might be creating a masterpiece out of puzzle pieces, to others it could be building model cars, and to some their hobby could consist of smoking the devil 's lettuce. What sets these hobbies apart? The first two can be done freely and in the open, but the last one has to be done exclusively in a secluded area because it is often frowned upon by society. The reason why it is an undesirable hobby is because it is currently illegal across the US with the exception of a few states. But who is to say what one man 's pastime is superior to another man 's hobby? If America can bend the rules for a man to marry another man why can 't the human race roll up some weed and inhale till their lungs collapse? The benefits to legalizing weed far outweighed the negative effects. Marijuana is a plant typically grown from a seed just like any other plant. It begins its life journey as a little baby seed eager to grow big and tall in order to make the grower proud. The plant is grown outdoors but due to limited harvest season growers simulate an indoor environment in order to harvest year round. There is way too many factors to determine how long the actual process of the plant growing to a mature state might take. But once the little baby seed finishes its long journey and evolves into a beautiful extravagant flower, the buds are then diligently picked off.…

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