Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Texas For Medical Purposes And Not Permitted For Recreational Use?

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The legalization of marijuana has been discussed repeatedly over and over for the past couple of years across the United States. What is known to be a harmless Hemp plant has consumed the lives of many with its high utilization of recreational smoking. Although some may be blinded by the clever grasp of THC, this drug can bring more harm than expected. The infamous “Pot” better known as Marijuana, should only be legalized in Texas for medical purposes and not permitted for recreational use.
According to Kathleen Berger, “Marijuana use is particularly common among wealthier adolescents, who then become less motivated to achieve in school and more likely to develop other problems. Rather than lack of ambition leading to marijuana use, marijuana itself destroys ambition,” Many people are very unware of the negative aspects acquired from smoking marijuana. Recreational smoking of pot can lead to many psychological effects in the brain that may hinder our productivity throughout life. Scholastic states “The natural EC system is finely tuned to react appropriately to incoming information. But THC overwhelms the EC system. It prevents the natural chemicals from doing their job properly and throws the whole system off balance.” By utilizing this drug, you increase your susceptibility to lack of comprehension and lack of motivation. Adolescents who smoke weed have a hard time understanding and processing what they may be learning at school and tend to reach for the minimum when…

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