Essay on Should Marijuana Be Legalized For Recreational Purposes?

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Should marijuana be legalized for recreational purposes? For centuries now, marijuana has been used for multiple reasons. One being, that it replaces addictive prescription drugs like painkillers, anti-anxiety medication, stimulants, anti-depressants, and sleep aids. The LA Times editorial section did as piece on Proposition 64, a California Marijuana Legalization Initiative, making assumptions that the law will pass but have restrictions such as age limits and legal possession amounts. The author made a good argument about why weed should be legal for leisure as well as medical cures. The major premise is the legalization of marijuana for recreational usage. Although it is easy to get a medical marijuana card, it is hard to find a doctor that doesn’t do actual test for research. Therefore leaving smokers to get it the illegal way and if caught with it without a card results in jail time. This editorial is a bit biased because it is written by someone who supports the recreational use of marijuana. They make a good budget plan if the law gets passed saying that the state taxes would raise more than a billion dollars a year. They talk about men not being able to get jobs because of this criminal marijuana law. “For decades, drug enforcement and particularly enforcement of the marijuana laws have disproportionately affected African American and Latino men, leaving them with criminal records that make it harder to get a job or to advance in their careers. Though California…

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