Should Marijuana Be Legal? Essay

739 Words Oct 8th, 2014 3 Pages
Marijuana is a minced, green and brown mix of dried flowers, stems, leaves from the plant Cannabis sativa, and added chemicals. Twenty-three states have enacted laws to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. Years ago you would not hear of the topic legalizing marijuana, but now the touchy subject is everywhere. It can be used for medical purposes but is a known fact that it is used more for recreational uses. Marijuana should not be legalized for many reasons. Legalization of Marijuana is a controversial issue for most people. If marijuana does become legal, they will be a lot of added turmoil. Legalizing marijuana would be a high-risk. There would be many added health problems. Marijuana is not proven needed for medical treatment. Legalizing marijuana would have more cons than pros therefore it should not be legalized. Legalizing marijuana would be extremely risky. It is highly feasible that doctors may take bribes from patients to prescribe the drug for recreational use. Which would make legalization very difficult to regulate because prescriptions would end up in the wrong hands. Legal marijuana may provide drug dealers with an easy opportunity to escape from prosecution for trafficking and dealing drugs. Marijuana could possibly be overused like many prescription drugs. Marijuana is also known to be a gateway drug. Therefore it would led people to try different drugs. Legalization of marijuana would inflict more chaos and crime than it would attempt to prevent.…

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