Essay on Should Marijuana Be Legal?

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Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the united states, having been used by 1 in 3 Americans in their lifetime. Cannabis is more commonly used among the young community. Most youth today engage in drug use due to peer pressure, curiosity or a way to deal with problems in their lives. As stated in the achieves: the primary distributor of illegal drugs in the U.S are gangs; street gangs, outlawed motorcycle gangs and prison gangs. The increasing numbers of gangs activity posses a dramatic increase in the availability of drugs to the public. The governments solutions to theses problems, listed on drug, are the fifty-one billion dollars spent on the war on drugs annually, resulting in roughly about six hundred thousand people being arrested in the year of 2013 for marijuana law violation alone, and 1.5 million arrested on nonviolent drug possession. No one may ever know all the key factors that cause people to develop drug habits, for some it may be hard to gasp the logic of drug abuse, but according to the Jennifer some of the reasons people turn to drugs are because drugs suppress the suffering from mental disorders, they can be uses as a form of entertainment or a way to escape the world and enter a altered state of mind where their reality is better,for some it can be used as a way to cover up a traumatic event in their lives they’ve not yet come to terms with. Taking into account that marijuana is the easiest of illicit…

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