Should Marijuana Be Legal And Purchasable Cigarette Affects The Body

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Smoking whether it is marijuana or a cigarette affects the body in numerous ways. Between long term effects like cancer to short-term effects like hunger smoking affects the body nonetheless. But which of the two is worse for you? In my opinion marijuana the illegal one of the two is more beneficial and has less harmful side effects than the legal and purchasable cigarette. But lets take a look at some facts about the two and you can make your judgment from there. First we’ll take brief look at the history of the two. The Native Americans once used tobacco for medicinal purposes and was the first cash crop grown for money in North America. It was grown along side other in Jamestown Virginia in the 1800s and was beings used in small amounts for chewing, pipes and hand rolled cigarettes. Around this time people only smoked 40 cigarettes per year. Remember that number for later on. The first commercial cigarettes were made in 1865 by a farmer named Washington Duke in North Carolina and were sold to soldiers at the end of the Civil War. But it wasn’t until later when John Bonsack invented a machine that could make 120000 cigarettes a day that cigarette smoking got widespread. By 1944 cigarette production was up to 300 billion a year with service men being consuming 75% of all tobacco-based products. Then in 1964 the Surgeon general of the U.S. wrote a report explaining the dangers of smoking and that the nicotine and tar in cigarettes causes lung cancer. That being…

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