Should Marijuana Be Legal And Marijuana? Essay example

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It’s no secret that alcohol and marijuana are the two most commonly used and abused drugs. With alcohol taking the lead and marijuana following very close behind, only one thing stands between the two, legality. But, there’s a truth behind the blind acceptance of alcohol and the eagerness to stigmatize marijuana that many know.

Although alcohol is legal and marijuana is not, it would be unwise to assume that it is safer. In fact, despite its legality, according to the CDC, alcohol causes up to nearly 88,000 deaths annually. About 25,000 of those deaths are the direct result of overdoses. Meanwhile, records of death from marijuana are harder to come by. So much so, that there are no recorded deaths by marijuana overdoses. Ever. Furthermore, the Huffington post cited Mason Tvert, the communications director of the Marijuana Policy Project that, “For an adult to die solely from marijuana itself, it would take a couple hundred pounds of it being dropped on their head from a tall building.” Painting a picture of just how dangerous marijuana truly is. Considering a person can die from binge drinking within only five minutes of coming into contact with alcohol.

And even though no one is saying that marijuana doesn’t have consequences, they are nowhere near the same magnitude as alcohol. Still, a parallel between the two can be found when talking about the effects they have on physiological and psychological health. The negative effects of alcohol easily outweigh those of…

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