Should Mandatory Vaccinations Be Mandatory? Essay

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If we could prevent future epidemics, why wouldn’t we use the technology at hand to do so? Dr. Carl Sagan an American scientist of Cornell University once said, “Advances in medicine and agriculture have saved vastly more lives than have been lost in all the wars in history.” Today there is a great dilemma as to whether we should demand children to get a vaccination for a disease that is a major public concern. Despite the fact that there are minor side effects and it goes against a few people’s personal wants to get a vaccine, they should still be mandatory because the benefits outweigh the setbacks. It is justified to have compulsory immunizations because they protect the public, have no major side effects, and prevent future epidemics.
Childhood vaccinations need to be mandatory because they protect the public and provide a society where all people are treated the same and given the opportunity to live a healthy life. For instance, vaccinations protect the public because there are no significant studies that show that serious side effects occur. For instance, in Britain, for every 10 million people who get the swine flu shot, there are about 28 cases of unexplained sufferers. "People die every day for lots of reasons, but we tend not to think about that when a mass immunization campaign is happening," said Steven Black from Cincinnati Children 's Hospital. Another expert named Leonard Marcus of Harvard University 's School of Public Health stated, "The greatest danger…

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