Should Mandatory Vaccinations Be Harmful? Essay example

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Mandatory Vaccinations?
In the recent year’s individuals, have become franticly worried about vaccinations being potentially harmful. Online misinformation has convinced some people that vaccinations lead to long term effects and diseases such as Alzheimer’s and autism. Conspiracies even have people believing vaccinations are a part of a governmental scheme to control society. Although these controversies and theories are out there, vaccinations should be mandatory for people who attend school systems where a large group of people are present. Vaccinations have many purposes and are crucial when looking at its benefits from a large-scale view. Vaccinations help build and protect the immune system, prevent epidemics from occurring, and have eliminated certain viruses and can potentially eliminate more future sicknesses. If we continue to vaccinate efficiently we could save millions of lives in the process while we evolve our understanding of disease and its preventions The center of disease control says vaccinations lower the risk of flu by 50% to 60% among overall population. Vaccinations work with the immune system so it can help fight a disease or virus. When a virus enters the blood stream, they advance and reproduce which turns into a flu. The infection enables the sicknesses and the body’s immune system has the role of fighting the infection. When the infection has been beat, our body recognizes it to protect itself from that disease in the future. The purpose of these…

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