Should Mandatory Vaccination Be Mandatory? Essay

1368 Words Oct 9th, 2015 null Page
Whether or not to have mandatory vaccinations is a debate that people have been having for years in the United States. A vaccination is defined as “the injection of weak disease-causing agents that help the body develop immunity against specific infectious diseases” (Vidula). Currently, unvaccinated children are sometimes prevented from attending schools, camps, or from participating in sports due to being a public health risk. This argument dates back to the 1800’s when in 1809, Massachusetts passed a law that “granted city boards of health the authority to require vaccination 'when necessary for public health or safety '" Then in 1905 when required to take a Polio shot, Henning Jacobson took the case to the Supreme Court where the Supreme Court ruled against Jacobson stating that the “safety and the health of the people of Massachusetts are for that Commonwealth to guard and protect."(Vidula). This debate over whether the Government has the right to make vaccinations mandatory lasts till today. While some may argue that vaccines can have a negative effect on your body, state governments should make basic vaccinations be required to attend school because they are necessary to provide a safe learning environment for all children, to decrease the relative high child mortality rate in the US, and to prevent a future epidemic. Even though vaccinations can prevent diseases, some parents do not give their children vaccinations because they believe that they are very expensive…

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