Should Kids Be A Bully? Essay

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“On a daily average one hundred sixty thousand kids will miss school because they fear that they will be bullied if they go to class and get beaten up” (Hall, Megan Kelly). “On a monthly average two hundred and eighty two thousand students will be physically attacked by a bully and be more than likely being seriously hurt in the process” (Hall, Megan Kelly). In Finland they have influential studies where they show that people whom are bullied as kids will continue to suffer as young adults and it says that girls have attempted to commit suicide more frequently by the age of twenty five, and boys will have anxiety disorders. One of the most asked questions is why do kids bully other kids and there are many responses is because most of the time bullies will have something going on in their home life and sometimes it might be hard to believe but the bully itself can be bullied by someone bigger and stronger than them. One of reasons why a bully can bully other kids is because it can solve all of their social problems because it is easier to bully rather than to talk it all out and fix the problem themselves so it is always important to manage your emotions and learn to solve your own problems rather than to take your anger out on someone else. Bullying to most kids is a proverbial it is an “easy way out” and sadly, some kids take it. For example look at men who are terrible to their wives by either beating them or intimidating them and also scream at their kids the reason for…

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